Family Life Education was first introduced in February 2005; FLEP was made possible through the cost sharing initiative of chief and council, social services, re-investment, education and treaty 6 employment training

Presently F.L.E.P is now being sponsored through Social Development re-investment and Alberta Works

In 2009, Adult literacy was introduced and became amalgamated with F.L.E.P in2013

F.L.E.P / Adult literacy is now a two part program, F.L.E.P delivers on personal development portion of the program. It is a Cultural/Traditional orientated program. These components put together are developed to enhance, motivate and educate and train individuals on social assistance

F.L.E.P will benefit the community and members on social assistance on having a better understanding of who they are by re-learning their language and culture. Once they are grounded with their identity, they will be able to understand and identify the social and economic barriers that have hindered their abilities to be self-sufficient individuals.

They are helped to look at their barriers and obstacles and a re-guided along and given tools to work with. These will help them/teach them how to overcome these social and economic issues that they will have to deal with on a daily basis. They will be taught ways of making healthier choices in life, which will benefit them, their children and the community.

Adult literacy delivers the academic portion of the program. They deliver the basic academics in reading writing and math. The overall intent of adult literacy is to help illiterate people to learn the basic reading skills to enhance their ability to fill out forms for furthering their education and/or employment opportunities and to have a good comprehension of what they’re signing when applying for these opportunities.

Also important to include- there are individuals that come to the literacy program to refresh. These individuals have been out of schooling for years and require a review of refresh their acquired knowledge.