Onchaminahos School

Address: P.o Box 70, Saddle Lake, AB (TOA 3T0)
Phone: (780)726-3730
Fax: (780)-726-4141

Principal: Vera Cardinal


Mission Statement:
The mission statement of Saddle Lake Onchaminahos School is to embrace all children in an accepting, loving and safe environment where culture is  reflected and excellence is nurtured.

Our team is committed to student centred-process learning from kiskinohamakosowin leading to kiskinohamasowin.

  • Onchaminahos School opened in 1976 with the primary mandate of educating Saddle Lake’s children and youth from grades K-12. With the completion of a junior/senior high school, the school hosts playschool to grade six aged children. With a present student-aged population of 358, and a total staff of 42, the school has experienced significant growth and progress in many areas.
  • In addition to offering the Alberta provincial curriculum, the school features cultural events and teachings. Feasts; Cree language; Pow-Wow singing, dancing and drumming; study of traditional foods; overnight cultural camps; and canoeing are examples of many extracurricular activities that generate interest and motivate students to learn more about their heritage.