Economic Development

Main Contact:
Winston Lapatak, Economic Development Officer.

Direct Line: (780) 726-7612

Vision Statement:

To create and develop viable business opportunities utilizing our human, natural, infrastructure and other resources to create a strong economic base for present & future generations

Mission Statement:
To develop business initiatives that will generate employment, training, wealth and a capital base from which the Cree Nation and the people can achieve economic self- reliance.

Land Use Plan and Study:


  • To ensure that the Treaty Right for Economic Development is acknowledged, protected, and honoured by the Federal government for the benefit of present and future generations.
  • To develop a First Nation Economic Development Plan that involves First Nation input, recommendations and expectations of all participating Membership.
  • To develop capacity building in the area of planning, interpret ideas into projects, facilitate, coordinate, mentor, transfer skills, technological training etc.
  • To ensure a strong economic base is developed and n place by assisting in the development of small business.
  • To be proactive in the development of business, employment, socio-economic etc.
  • Provision of employment and training opportunities for Band Membership whereby they acquire the  necessary skills and work experience to secure permanent employment.
  • To ensure all small businesses under the Economic Development Department are operating in a accountable, efficient manner consistent to economic growth.
  • To reinforce band membership that only through determination and commitment can achieve the results that they strive to achieve.
  • To market Saddle Lake First Nation as Tourism destination which in turn will foster growth for small businesses in the First Nation.
  • To create opportunities which would result in long term employment.
  • Provision of financial assistance to eligible Band Member applications.

To provide consulting IE (proposal development, feasability/market studies, queries, financial analysis etc.) for Business Plan Development and Re-investment.