Customary Law

Saddle Lake First Nation has many of the features that make up a self-governing nation or community, except a judicial system of justice for it’s people.
First of all, the Saddle Lake First Nation has adopted it’s own constitution. (Saddle Lake Customary Law)

The Provisions of the Saddle Lake Constitution means that:

1. The people are sovereign;

2. The people are the source and authority for the Saddle Lake government’s power.

3. The government of Saddle Lake has only those powers and authorities granted to it by the people;

4. No person who maintains his/her home off reserve shall be eligible for nomination.

5. No persons convicted under the criminal code (of Canada) shall be eligible for nomination.

6. No person under the age of 21 shall be eligible to nominate, vote, or be nominated.

7. Any nomination put forward, must be followed by a seconder, or it becomes null and void.


The Constitution provides that:

1. Saddle Lake shall be governed by it’s own  traditional tribal customs and laws.

2. The people of Saddle Lake have the right to govern themselves

3. A  political authority is vested in the people and all political authority flows from the people.

4. A governing authority is derived from the people and is dependent upon the ill of the people.

5. The people place their confidence in a impartial judicial mechanism of the Tribe.

6.  It declares that no other nation or peoples can interfere with the governing of Saddle Lake.


1. Any changes/ improvements will benefit in the long run the Saddle Lake Tribe as a whole.

2. No one individual gains preferential treatment, favouritism on others.

3. Any major development engaged in will not adversely effect the Tribe’s unity and survival.

4. It is understood by Chief and Council that when dealing with matters that affect the social or traditional way of life of the Tribe, that all efforts will be directed towards the well-being of the whole Tribe.

5.  It is understood by Chief and Council and tribal administration staff, that the  providing of services and development of an economic base for the Tribe, be done in the most efficient, safe and productive manner possible.

6. Chief and Council, on behalf of the Saddle Lake Tribe as duly elected by the Tribe’s citizens, are expected to be the guiding and directing body for the Saddle Lake Tribal administration.

7. To aid programs, Committee and Boards from time to time will be established. These groups will allow the administration program to run more effectively by creating an atmosphere of cooperation and information sharing

8. Emphasis in activities will be directed towards an economic environment for self-sufficiency in order to support the social needs of Saddle Lake First Nation